Risk Reduction Services, LLC

520 White Plains Road, 2nd Floor

Tarrytown, NY  10591


About RRS

“(RRS has) been a very positive addition for us and I thank you for all of the assistance you have provided over the past year. Having this service gives me great peace of Mind”.

Jean Bonito, Garthchester Realty.

Risk Reduction Services, LLC was conceived by Jason Schiciano and Ken Fuirst, Co-Presidents of the Yonkers based insurance agency Levitt-Fuirst Associates. Levitt-Fuirst Associates insures a wide range of industries, but has a very strong focus in both the Real Estate and the Construction industries specifically.

In 2009, Levitt-Fuirst utilized their intimate knowledge of both of these industries to create RRS.  The need was there: building owners and managers were being held to a very high standard, with regard to liability, arising out of the work of their hired contractors. With carriers demanding verification of the collection of both certificates of insurance AND Hold Harmless agreements, and the New York State Scaffold law opening the door to huge settlements, building managers were in a bind.  How do you stay on top of an avalanche of paper, collecting renewal certificates, verifying named insureds, and collecting and storing hold harmless/indemnification agreements in a cost effective manner?

The RRS Program was designed to alleviate the tedious nature of collecting certificates, certificate renewals, and hold harmless agreements, at a price that greatly undercuts your staff's hours of productivity currently devoted to managing the piles of insurance paperwork. RRS currently collects Risk Transfer documents for over 250 individual properties in the Tri-State area.